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Widening Double-sided Pasting Machine

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Widening Double-sided Pasting Machine


Product base introduction: 

The PM-TB500S is a special production equipment for lead-acid battery coating. Automatic flow hydration completes the functions of grid supply, lead paste filling, pressure plate, acid leaching and so on. It has the same performance characteristics as similar imported equipment, reasonable structure, convenient operation, good maintainability and high productivity. The surface of the coated plate is flat and the weight error is controlled accurately, which ensures the consistency and stability of the coated grid. It is an ideal equipment for the coating process in the battery production process.


Technical parameters:

1. Paste capacity: about 200Kg lead paste;

2. Filling grid production efficiency: 70-140 pieces / min.

3. The thickness deviation of the coated plate is less than ±0.1 mm; the weight deviation is less than ±5 g (more than 90% of which is within ±3 g).

4. Grid filling range: long (210-500) × width (120-170) × thickness (1.2-4.5)



1. The upper part of the grid mechanism:

1) The upper plate mechanism of the grid is lengthened and the operation is safer;

2) The drop of the upper plate mechanism of the grid can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of grid designs;

3) Lengthen the connecting plate to ensure the stability of the upper piece;

4) The top film tip is made of silica gel material, which reduces the problem of a lot of wastage and waste of other rubber-coated tips.

2. Tutorial host part:

1) The main drive and the paste shift are both frequency-controlled (the inverter uses "Omron" products), which can realize the stepless speed regulation. The grids of various thicknesses can be filled to suit various speeds and various kinds. Lead paste coating of the grid;

2) The width of the host is widened;

3) Using a unique quantitative paste mechanism design, reducing the waste of lead paste and reducing production costs;

4) The paste bucket adopts double-layer paste bucket design to avoid the phenomenon that the lead paste enters the bearing, which causes the weight, thickness error and the stirring paste shaft and the squeeze roller shaft to be easily broken when the coating is applied, which effectively solves the high failure rate of other coating machine. Not easy to repair.

5) Lubrication of the paste bucket is concentrated lubrication, which is convenient for the equipment operator to maintain the equipment.

3. Part of the watering and leaching mechanism:

1) The contact parts of the water and leaching acid and the acid and water are all selected from acid-resistant stainless steel materials (including the nails, racks, etc.) to greatly extend the service life of the part;

2) The coating materials of the watering and leaching roller are all made of acid and water resistant materials;

3) Water-leaching acid roller shaft Our company is a full-pass shaft design, which avoids the phenomenon that the other shaft-coating machine uses the semi-axis and welding method, which may cause the roller shaft to be corroded and broken for a period of time.

4) The partial transition roller of the leaching and leaching acid uses special materials to solve the problem of easy to paste.

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