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Sludge Baffle Curtain

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

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Sludge Baffle Curtain

Sludge Baffle Curtain Descrption

The Sludge Baffle Curtain is mainly used in scientific research and water area engineering such as lake pollution prevention and control, water body restoration, aquatic system reconstruction, sludge dredging, dredging and filling operations, and flow algae fining.

In the process of lake governance, scientific experiments should be carried out on the waters around the local waters to solve the problems of water bloom, biology and plants, prevent the spread, drift and diffusion of harmful substances, and achieve the purpose of water body restoration and water quality improvement.

Dredging operation in the harbor, due to the proliferation of muddy mud, to the ecological environment and aquaculture caused harm. Water bodies will be separated from local non-operating waters and construction areas to prevent the spread of pollution and effectively protect the ecological environment and marine culture area

Sludge Baffle Curtain features

1. high strength, multiplier, stability, water flow through the filter cloth curtain and turbidity difficult to penetrate, anti-fouling effect of up to 90%, simple and quick construction operations.

2. Floating body can choose a single combination or flexible floating material integrated.

3. Water anti-turbocharged length of each section, skirt height, floating body size, according to the user's actual depth of the waters, flow rate, wave height, wind and other practical conditions to determine.


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