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Punching HDPE Geocell

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :10days

Supply capacity :100000m2 per day

Punching HDPE Geocell

HDPE Geocell Description

Punching HDPE Geocell is a lightweight and flexible three-dimensitional,expandable panels made from high-density polythylene(HDPE) strips which are ultrasonically bonded together to form an extremely strong configuration. Geocell system can be filled with a wide range of material: aggregate,concrete,sand,soil ect.

HDPE Geocell Feature

1. Retractable and retractable, the transportation can be retractable, and can be stretched into a network during construction, filling in loose materials such as soil, gravel and concrete, which form a structure with strong lateral restriction and large intensity.
2. Light weight and wear resistance, stable chemical performance, anti-photochemical aging, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for soil and desert and other soil conditions.
3. High lateral limit and anti-slip, anti-deformation, effective enhancement of the load bearing capacity and dispersion load.
4. Changing the height of geogas and welding distance can meet different engineering needs.
5.Easy to scale, small transport volume, convenient connection and quick construction speed.

HDPE Geocell Application

1.Load support: solve unacceptable road,parking, and yard surface problems.

2.Slope protection: create a stable environment for long-term sustainability of embankment material. 

3.Channel protection:Ensure stability and protection of channels exposed to all types of erosive conditions.

4.Vegetated retaining walls;includes steepened slopes, retaining walls, gravity walls and so on.

HDPE Geocell Function

Slope protection, Channel Protection, Ground Stabilization, Road Constriction, Reinforcement, Retaining Wall Protection. 

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