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PP High Strength Woven Geotextile

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :China

Delivery time :5-12 days

Supply capacity :25tons per one day

PP high strength woven geotextile


PP high strength woven geotextile made of PP monofilament material, The raw material mainly have high strength, low elongation.

The High strength PP Filament woven getextile for planar filter, pore size bag, minimum 0.05-0.08mm, as filter, a little gravel is easy lost. Flat strip woven geotextile clogged easily; monofilament fabric is not easy clogged suitable for a cohesionless soil filter layer.

PP high strength woven geotextile Features

1.High tensile strength and modulus ,low elongation, low creep and high long-term design strength.

2.Ease of Construction.

3.Cost effective.

4.Creep resistance.


6.Less differential settlement


PP high strength woven geotextile Applications

  • Use in harbour, soft soil foundation treatment.

  • Use in flood control and emergency rescue, the dam reinforcement.

  • Use in slope foundation, filling cofferdam, all kinds of scour prevention protect.

  • Use in slope and beach protection for riverway, coast seawall water catchment area.

  • And other more construction project.

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