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Polyester Dryer Canvas

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :30 Days

Supply capacity :10000 Square meter per month

Polyester Dryer Canvas

The Polyester Dryer Canvas used for the dryer section in the paper machine, it dries paper web after passing a press section by adhering the web to a steam heated cylinder, the paper sheet travels around heated cylinders to evaporation the remaining water.

Polyester dryer canvas divide to woven type and spiral type, the difference between woven and spiral is for the different paper grade manufacturing. Woven dryer canvas mainly used for the writing & printing paper production, and spiral type mainly used for packing paper production, cause it have higher air permeability.

Woven dryer canvas seam type: Insert, spiral seam.

Spiral dryer vanvas seam type: spiral seam.


  1. Strong seam design

  2. Excellent drying and heat transfer

  3. Good drainage and permeability

  4. Long life time

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Polyester dryer canvas

Polyester dryer canvas

Polyester dryer canvas

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