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Polyester Bolting Cloth

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20-25days

Supply capacity :5000m/day

Polyester Bolting Cloth

Polyester Bolting cloth,yellow is made from high quality domestic and imported raw material,advanced weaving looms and test instruments,we can supply the first class polyester bolting cloth.And our polyester bolting cloth also have high tension threshold and breaking point.


  1. High flexibility

  2. High elasticity

  3. Good adherence

  4. Adequate tear strength

  5. wear resistance & water resistance

  6. chemical resistance


  1. Plastic Screen Printing 

  2. Glass Screen Printing 

  3. Ceramic Screen Printing

  4. Stained Paper Screen Printing 

  5. Solar Photovoltaic Printing

  6. PCB Circuit Board Printing

  7. Touch Screen Printing

  8. LGP Screen Printing

  9. Fashion Textile Printing

  10. CD Printing


Mesh CountDPP8T-DPP 180T

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