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Motorcycle Batteries Production Equipment

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Motorcycle Batteries Production Equipment - For plates shaping


PC-GFB-XM9-type automatic roll slitting machine is designed for a small density of lead-acid batteries and motorcycle batteries, etc. Jiulian plate a special equipment which is able to fast and precise positioning and cutting plate. It has reasonable structure, high precision cutting, high efficiency, compact structure, pleasing in appearance, less cutting waste and so on. Its easy to operate, easy maintenance, large production range and fast speed, higher efficiency compared with other machine manufacturers, small saws slicing slit, saving materials, less lead dust, lead cost savings and good environmental protection is the ideal equipment of lead-acid storage battery production.

Device characteristics

1, The machine featured with automatical plates feeding, lug brushing, end lug cut, conveyor transition, plates cutting and collecting, compared with the traditional way of slicing, higher productivity, more efficasy.

2, Loading agencies for the use of suction-chip approach, which adapts a wide range of plate specifications, particularly adaptable to the plate thickness.

3, Using a unique way of positioning, high accuracy positioning , low rejection rate, good cutting result.

4, Cut ears and sub-board uses roll-way, small saws slicing slit, cut sub-plate lead-free chip, saves a large number of lead material cost (calculated in nine films together, each large saw blade saves 13g lead than the traditional way ); the plate after cutting without crimping, no glitches, reducing the workload of the follow-up process.

5, Electronic control system controlled by PLC program , with the pneumatic system, you can choose two types of automatic and manual work, high degree of automation, easier to operate.

6,It has a dedicated suction port of lead dust and waste collected ear devices, sub-plate process of lead-free dust, better working environment, good environmental performance.

7, The device has automatic counting, laminated function, reduce follow-up personnel .

8, The model uses a patented conversion technology,which featurs a high degree of automation, non-transit in intermediate link , saving human resources.

Main technical parameters

1, Production efficiency: 60-80 pieces / min

2, Applicable size of grid : L (280-350) ×W(120-150) ×T(<4) mm

3, Installed power: 6.50KW

5, Air consumption: 2L/min 0.7MPa

6, External dimensions: L6900 × W4200 × H1800

7, Weight of equipment: about 3900kg

8, Gas source: the maximum pressure ≤ 0.7 Mpa, work pressure 0.5-0.55Mpa, air displacement ≥ 0.3 m3/min of compressed air source, require first level filtration drying. Power Supply: Three-phase 380V ± 10%, 50Hz.

9, Maximum working pressure of loading absorption plate system : -8 Mpa.

10, the access of pipeline reception-fan to the outroom dust suction rate 8m/min.

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