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Lead Ingot Granulating Machine

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Lead Ingot Granulating Machine - For producing the Lead Granular

The LG-ZL2000 Lead Ingot Granulating Machine does not need to melt lead and lead ingots to squash and squash them into pellets. The produced lead pellets directly supply raw materials for lead powder production. Eliminate the old-fashioned molten lead casting method. It is one of the ideal equipment to meet the high environmental requirements of the industry.


First, technical parameters:

1. Applicable lead ingot size: 600 × 110 × 80 (made according to customers using lead ingots.)

2. Motor rated working pressure: 25Mpa ~ 35Mpa

3. Roller rated speed: 5r/min

4. Capacity: more than 2 tons / hour

5. Power: 30KW

6. Size: 3000 × 2600 × 2100mm

7. Weight: 3.5T


Second, the equipment features

1. The equipment does not need to be melted, and realizes zero emission and zero pollution of lead smoke and lead dust, achieving environmental protection purposes.

2. Low energy consumption of equipment, no need for other purification equipment and auxiliary equipment; reasonable equipment design, compact structure, small size, small footprint

3. The control part is integrated with numerical control module, which is convenient for manual operation and maintenance; automatic alarm protection.

4. The upper lead ingot is automatically flipped and the surface of the lead ingot is automatically cleaned with a brush.

5. This machine adopts integral frame welding structure, which has good stability and low vibration. The machine base is made of one-time integral machining after the aging of the whole frame welding, which has good shock resistance, high mechanical strength and good stability.

6. The cutter adopts special tool material for durability, and the slice adopts high-torque hydraulic motor. The slice feeding method adopts a unique method, the slice is more stable, and the equipment failure rate is low.

7. The drum adopts the latest design, the failure rate is lower, the whole system is stable, and the operation is simple.

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