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Lead Acid Batteries Coating Machine

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :10 days

Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Lead Acid Batteries Coating Machine - PM-TB700

Product base introduction: 

The PM-TB700 is a special production equipment for lead-acid battery coating. Automatic flow hydration completes the functions of grid supply, lead paste filling, pressure plate, acid leaching and so on. It has the same performance characteristics as similar imported equipment, reasonable structure, convenient operation, good maintainability and high productivity. The surface of the coated plate is flat and the weight error is controlled accurately to ensure the consistency and stability of the coated plate.


Technical parameters:

1. Filling grid production efficiency: 40-80 pieces / min

2. Paste capacity: about 250Kg lead paste.

3. Grid filling range: long (390-700) × width (100-220) × thickness (1.2-4.5) mm

4. Installed capacity: 15.6KW.

5. Host dimensions: length 3570 × width 1560 × height 1880mm

6. Equipment weight: about 3T



1. The equipment bearing adopts centralized lubrication system, the lubrication of each bearing is gathered together, the lubrication is convenient and effective, the bearing life is prolonged, and the maintenance performance is good.

2. The fuselage grid is sent to the mechanism, the main board and the acid dripping device are integrated, and the structure is compact and the rigidity is good. Easy to adjust and flexible. The leaching roller and the tail of the coating machine have a long distance, which reduces the corrosion of the conveyor chain of the surface dryer. The whole frame of the leaching acid watering mechanism adopts all-stainless steel structure, avoiding acid corrosion and improving the service life of the frame. The effect of iron ions on the plates during the coating process is reduced.

3. The grid is sent to the mechanism with independent stepless speed change, which has wider application range and better matching speed. The vacuum is applied to the plate, and the grid is not easily deformed.

4. The paste bucket uses two straight grooved paste roller pastes, and has a special device to adjust and control the amount of the paste.

5. High-quality alloy roller scraper, with special heat treatment, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, flat surface of the coated plate, accurate weight error control, and consistency and stability of the coated plate.

6. The tensioning, squeezing and squeezing of the coating belt are pneumatically adjusted; all the key contact areas such as the drum and the shaft are made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant.

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