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Kevlar Felt Roller Cover

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :6000piece/year

Kevlar Felt Roller Cover 

Kevlar Felt Roller Cover is an important part in the cooling conveyor system, the main function is cooling and transmission. The highest resistance to temperature 480℃.

Material : Kevlar

Color: Yellow


Inside Diameter(mm) : 18mm,23.5mm,25mm,32mm,48.3mm,49mm,50mm,51mm,55mm,59mm,60mm,63.5mm,69mm,75mm,76mm,77mm,78mm,80mm,81mm,83mm,86mm,89mm,90mm,96mm,100mm,102mm,109mm,110mm,112mm,114mm,120mm,127mm,130mm,132mm,135mm,140mm,150mm,220mm

Length(mm):All Sizes Are Available

Thickness(mm):6, 8, 10, 12


Kevlar Felt Roller Cover also called high temperature felt roller, Kevlar roller, the following application photo could for your reference:

Kevlar roller usage.jpg

Our Kevlar roller have following features:

1 Heat resistant up to 480;

2 No elongation under high tension and heavy load;

3 No seam, splice or joints: no breaks due to weak zone,High density structure;

4 Smooth and even belt surface: scratch-free extrusions;

5 Excellent belt tracking on the cooling table;

6 Capability of withstanding high temperatures thanks to a batt of aramidic fibres needled on an endless base fabric;

7 Low heat conductivity and high density with good wear resistance and impact resistance property under heavy conditions;

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