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Colorful Needle Punched Polyester Felt

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :China

Delivery time :10 days

Supply capacity :100000m2 per day

Colorful Needle Punched Polyester Felt

Polyester Industrial Felt Description

Material is polyester fibre. Felt has the characteristics of paper, no matter how you cut,the fiber will not spread,Because of the feature, its very convenient to use felt fabric for producting products,Feel a bit like a woolen, use it to make products more stylish, and it has a certain flexibility.

Polyester Industrial Felt Specification


100% polyester


needle punched nonwoven felt


 80-1000 gsm


 0.9m, 1.5m, 2m, or custom

Roll length

 25yard,  50M , 100M or custom


 hydrophilic, eco-friendly, printed, 


 red, grey, corlor, or custom


 sample are free of charge

Delivery time

after receiving the deposit

Polyester Industrial Felt Usages

(1)Used in mechanism, electronechanical, aviation, shipping, train, auto, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile industry

(2) Seal, dustproof, cushion, quakeproof

(3) Heat preservation, heatproof, sound insulation, silencing

(4) Fire retardant, insulation

(5) Filtration for air, petroleum or water

(6) Polishing: marble, crystal, glass, jadeware, furniture, stainless steel plate

(7) Color felt can be also used for bags, shoes, crafts, decorations. 

Polyester Industrial Felt Features

(1)super-absorbment,easy to clean and soft drying, washing durable and long lasting, anti-bacterial, repetitive use, cost-effective.

(2) Hygienic. 

(3) Lint-free after cleaning, soft and smooth. Do not damage the surface of the articles.

(4) Environment-friendly. Easy to use and degradable.

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