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Nonwoven geotextile With Heat Treatment

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :5-7 DAYS

Supply capacity :20000 SQ.MT WITHIN 7 DAYS

PET and PP Nonwoven geotextile With Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Nonwoven Geotextile Description

Heat Treatment Nonwoven Geotextile has superior quality of soaking, filtering and endurance.

Heat Treatment Nonwoven Geotextile will be widely used in below application:

such as Roads Airfields,Railroads,Embankments,Retaining structures,Reservoirs,Canals,Dams,

Bank protection, Coastal engineering


Heat Treatment Nonwoven Geotextile Specification

Unit weight: 80gsm-800gsm

Width and length: 2m - 6m, however we recommend 5.8m width, length could be done as your demand.

Color: White,Green,Grey...

Treatment: Heat treatment

Heat Treatment Nonwoven Geotextile Features 

1   Superior water permeability

2   Filtrability

3   Deformation adaptive faculty

4   Resistant to corrosion 

5   Anti-aging

Polyester Non-Woven Geotextile Application

Water conservancy project and hydropower project

Road paving , railway , highway ...

Airport and port

River bank protection and tunnel

Environmental protection , etc


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