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Brand :LOVER

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 10days

Supply capacity :One 40ft container 3-5 days

>4000 g/m2 GCL With HDPE Geomembrane

GCL Description

GCL with HDPE geomembrane is one new type geosynthetic material for construction. The waterproofing performance of GCL with HDPE geomembrane is better than GCL without HDPEgeomembrane. 

The GCL with HDPE Geomembrane is 4 layers of GCL.

1 Lyaer is Non woven geotextile, it could be PP staple Fiber Non woven geotextile, or PET staple fabric non woven geotextile.

2 Layer is the natural sodium bentonite clay.

3 Layer is PP flat film woven geotextile

4 Layer is HDPE Geomembrane, the thickness is according to your request.

GCL Application


Mud Pits



Bund Lining

Tank Lining

Fish Farm Lining

Roof Lining

Waste Water Pits

Ponds and Reserviors


Floating Covers

Vertical Cutoff Walls

Hydraulic Structure

Basement Lining

Drip Irrigation Ponds


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