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Gabion Mattress

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :Within 7 -20 days

Supply capacity :Within 5-10days per 40ft container

Gabion Mattress

Gabion Mattress Description

The Gabion Mattress, also called reno mattress. 

Gabion mattress is made of double twisted hexagonal wire mesh. The wire diameter could according to customer's request. 

Stones filled in the mattress, mainly used for Water embankment, slope protection, and other anti-erosion structures, with advantages of flexibility, adaptability. 

The height of gabion mattress mostly are 0.15-0.5m (including 0.5m). It can prevent the river from water flow, storms hit and damage.Gabion mattress is divided into several cells by diaphragm, all the Selvedg wire are with thicker diameter, the selvedge wire diameter is bigger than the body wire diameter. 

Gabion Mattress Specification


Gabion Mattress

Normal Material

Iron wire
Galvanized iron wire
PVC coated galvanized iron wire
Zinc 5% Aluminum(Golfan)

Normal Wire Diameter

Body Wire: 2.0mm,2.2mm,2.5mm,2.6mm,2.7mm
Selvedge Wire :2.7mm,2.7mm,3.2mm,3.2mm,3.4mm
Tie Wire / Lacing wire :2.0mm and 2.2mm

As request 

Normail Mesh Size

50mm x 50nm
60mm x 80mm, 66mm x 88mm

70mm x 90mm, 70mm x 100mm
80mm x 100mm, 80mm x 120mm
100mm x 120mm, 120mm x 150mm, 

130mm x 160mm, and so on

As request

Gabion Mattress Application

1. Isolation walls. Retaining Wall, road or slope protection and so on.

2. Bridge protection. Reinforcement structure of soil.

3. Proventing of rock breaking. Water and soil protection.


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