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Forming Belt For Nonwoven

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :10-15 DAYS

Supply capacity :10000SQ.MT WITHIN ONE WEEK

Forming Belt For Nonwoven

Forming Belt For Nonwoven Description

Spunbond nonwovens: the polymer extrusion, stretching, forming a continuous filament, the filament laid into a net, the net and then through their own bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement methods, the web Become a non-woven fabric.Forming Belt is mainly used in the formation of  non-woven, spinning spray in the cloth above the curtain and then transported down.

Forming Belt For Nonwoven Different Joints

1 自身环接口.jpg 3 螺旋环接口.jpg

4 高低环接口.jpg 2 wyduanjietou.jpg



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