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Flash Drying Machine For Battery Industry

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Flash Drying Machine - Battery Processing Machine

By the high temperature of air blower and the upward and downward airduct, the hot air is made cyclic utilization so that the heat using rate is high. At the same time, as the crawler-type conveying chain is used to transferring plates, stepless speed adjusting is achieved. Then, its speed could be kept accordance with pasting machine. And it could be used for drying all kinds of plates.

Main technical parameters

1、The length of oven:10m(effective heating length)

2、main drive:N=0.75KW

3、high temperature blower:the blower adopts the stainless steel drum-type circulating fan.

4、Production:60-130pieces/min;water loss after plate drying:≤3%

5、The drying temperature of the oven:100℃-250℃

6、installed capacity:138KW,actual using capacity:80-100KW。

7、The stainless steel chain adopts the imported 316L. And due to the reasonable designed tuyere of circulated air flue, the big airflow could be avoided and the plate would not be deformed easily. The doors are put in order. Also, the tightness and heat preservation of it are good.

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