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Wooden Nylon Plastic Discus

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Whith 7-15 Days

Supply capacity :2000 pieces per month

Wooden Nylon Plastic Discus

Discus Category

1. Wooden discus

2. Rubber discus

3. Nylon Plastic Discus / ABS Discus 

The Discus Details 

1)The body of the discus must be solid or hollow or other suitable material, with a metal rim, the edge of which must be circular. The cross section of the edge shall be rounded in a true circle having a radius of approximately 6mm.

2)There must be circular plates set flush into the centre of the sides. Alternatively, the discus may be made without metal plates, provided that the equivalent area is flat and the measurements and total weight of the implement correspond to the specifications.

3)Each side of the discus shall be identical and shall be made without indentations, projections or sharp edges. The sides shall taper in a straight line from the beginning of the curve of the rim to a circle of a radius of 25mm to 28.5mm from the centre of the discus.

4)  From the beginning of the curve of the rim the thickness of the discus increases regularly up to the maximum thickness D. This maximum value is achieved at a distance of 25 mm to 28.5mm from the axis of the discus Y. From this point up to the axis Y the thickness of the discus is constant. Upper and lower side of the discus must be identical, also the discus has to be symmetrical concerning rotation around the axis Y.


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