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CMC For Ceramics

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :Within 10 days

Supply capacity :25tons per one day

CMC For Ceramics

CMC For Ceramics Advantage

CMC For Ceramics acts as a binder in the glaze slurry and CMC For Ceramics has suspension effect.  CMC For Ceramics with low viscosity also has deagglomeration effect. Therefore, the addition of CMC For Ceramics to the glaze slurry can improve the fluidity of the glaze slurry, improve the grinding efficiency, and increase the strength of the raw glaze. CMC For Ceramics has good water retention, can prevent the glaze from drying and shrinking, can make the glaze smooth, and make it firmly bonded to the embryo body and not easy to peel off.

CMC For Ceramics Tips

The viscosity of the aqueous solution of CMC For Ceramics decreases sharply with increasing temperature, so care should be taken to keep the temperature from fluctuating too much in the glaze slurry added to CMC For Ceramics.


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