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Beltless Pasting Machine

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

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Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Battery Pasting Machine - Beltless Pasting Machine


Product base introduction: 

The PM-TB390W is the beltless pasting machine, The coating machine avoids the step of coating the plate with the coating plate, so that the accuracy of the coating plate and the consistency of the coating plate are further improved, and the operation and use are simpler and more convenient. It is an ideal equipment for the production of high-performance sealed batteries. It is a new type of coating machine with small output, large output and good environmental performance.


Technical parameters:

1. Applicable grid size: length of the board (excluding the ear part): 160 ~ 320mm board width: 108mm ~ 170mm board thickness: 1.8mm ~ 4.5mm

2. Coating speed: 80 ~ 140 large pieces / minute.

3. Weight deviation of grid paste: ±3g/large (when the amount of paste is <300g), ≤±1%/large (when the amount of paste is ≥300g), the thickness of the supercoated grid is allowed to range from 0.1 to 20%. Gate thickness.

4. Coating board host power: 12kW

5. The maximum dimensions of the equipment: length 3800mm* width 927mm* height 1545mm (the height of the paste bucket is 1793mm),

6. Coating board host weight: 2T



1. The upper part of the machine adopts the vacuum nozzle type automatic reciprocating structure. The main machine and the paste bucket adopt the frequency conversion speed control, which can precisely adjust the film feeding speed. The organization is simple in composition and stable in operation.

2. Improve the performance of the plates and batteries. The coated plates are uniform in thickness and stable in weight. The stability of the thickness and weight of the coating plate not only minimizes the problems generated during the casting process, but also ensures the smoothness of the assembly process to a certain extent.

3. The special internal design on the assembly paste allows the coated plate to operate at low pressure. Low power and low energy consumption are achieved.

4. The heavy-duty components on the applicator ensure that the parts assembled on the equipment greatly reduce the downtime of the coating before the corrosion and decomposition, ensuring reliable operation.

5. The coating mechanism removes the coating strips of the existing coating machine, so that the accuracy of the coating and the consistency of the coating can be further improved.

6. The acid leaching machine adopts two kinds of leaching acid and pressure roller, which can be applied to different process requirements. An acid and water collecting tank is arranged in the lower part of the body. Excess acid and water can be collected for recycling.

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