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  • Artificial grass for sports

    Artificial grass for sports

    1.Artificial turf has perfect movement performance, including the reflection of falling ball and the stability of the rolling ball. 2.It has the best performance of comfort and flexibility as same as real grass,and it is durable, easy to maintain. Maintenance cost is very low. 3.It can be used in any weather. 4.Artificial turf provides comfort experience and clear visual impact point ,it is easy to recycle and tilt the ball 5.the artificial turf has long lifetime.

  • Landscape Artificial Turf Grass

    Landscape Artificial Turf Grass

    Commercial Artifical Grass Commercial Artifical Turf

  • landscaping artificial grass turf

    landscaping artificial grass turf

    1.It looks beautiful and always green. After the real grass withered, the artificial grass can still give people a feeling of spring, the color is bright, and it is not easy to fade. 2.Environment friendly,has no heavy metals, using materials that are friendly to humans and animals. 3. Durable and has longer lifetime. 4. Easy to install and maintain, low maintenance costs. 5.Water permeability: no matter rain or snow water can be permeated through the drainage holes. 6.Tensile property: use SBR latex way ,unique technology make the products good tensile property.

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