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What does nonwoven fabric do

Medical and health care products

Disposable surgical dressings,disinfecting wipes,wound dressing,soluble styptic gauze,drug paste paste,the bleeding wound healing dressings,bandages,curtain,suction fluid cushion,surgical drapes,gowns and bed supplies,trauma care,etc.

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Home health supplies

Toiletries,sanitary napkin,pads,baby and adult diapers,health underwear,Wet and dry towel disposable hygiene products,etc.

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Medical supplies

Antibacterial,waterproof,anti-static,water solution nonwoven fabric,can be applied to medical protective clothing,filtration,packaging and other fields,waterproof and moisture permeable,bacteria isolation and biological

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Daily usage

Spunlace non-woven fabric is breathable,moisture permeability,good biological joint, moderate strength,environment friendly,biodegradable,softable to your skin.Now is gradually applied in coating fabric,home decoration,clothing textiles

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