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Tips for Clean the Corrugator Belt

Tips for  Clean the Corrugator Belt

Corrugator belts are used specially for corrugated cardboard production lines .After passing through a single-side corrugating machine ,corrugating medium becomes corrugated under pressure and bonds together with the outer facing to constitute a single-side corrugated cardboard ,which may be multiplied into three -layer .five layer or seven-layer corrugated cardboards after gluing .The corrugator belt , which is made of several types of synthetic fiber through fine knitting ,shall be installed on top of the thermal plate and the cooling section .During operation , the conveyor belt shall endure high temperature ,high pressure and strong friction to ensure cardboards could be bonded accurately and dried in due time , thus providing a safe and reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of the corrugated cardboard production line .

It is better to  clean the corrugator belt once time per month.

Here are some detail tips:

1. Keep the machine running with slow speed;

2.Make the corrugator belt fully moist by water or low pressure steam spray with much water content;

3.Put into some detergent and clear up the dirt & paste scar with soft brush;

4. After cleaning,using water to wash the belt again;

5.During the washing process,it will be greatly help to lay out shallow U-shaped iron plate or shallow groove under the corrugator belt.It will makethe cleaning waterflow out to the machine outside,keep the heating panel clear and no any corrosion;

6.When necessary, you can turn on steam to heat the heating panel and make the wet corrugator belt drying with slow speed.

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