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How to install the HDPE Geomembrane

How to install the HDPE Geomembrane


1. Before cutting, should be accurate measurement of its size, and then according to the actual dimensions to cut, cutting should not be commonly according to the size of drawing list, should number each piece.


2. Try to weld the least, on the premise of guarantee quality, as far as possible to save raw materials. At the same time easy to ensure the project quality.


1. HDPE Geomembrane and Geomembrane between the lap joint width is generally not less than 15 cm, usually made of weld direction parallel to the maximum gradient, namely along the gradient direction.


2. Usually in a corner and deformity location, should be seam length shorten as far as possible. In addition to the special requirements in the slopes of the slope is greater than the 1:6 is apart from the top of slope or stress concentration area within the scope of 1.5 meters, as far as possible without welds


3. HDPE Geomembrane in laying, should avoid to produce artificial fold, the temperature is lower, should try to tighten, paving


4. HDPE Geomembrane laying is completed, should reduce as far as possible to walk on the surface of the Geomembrane, move tool, etc., all can cause harm to HDPE Geomembrane, all should not be on the Geomembrane or walking to carry on the Geomembrane, so as not to cause accidental damage to the film



HDPE Geomembrane welding


1. Hot cheese welder welding process can be divided into: adjust the pressure ,setting temperature ,setting speed ,lap welding seam inspection, Geomembrane into the machine, start the motor, pressure welding.


2. Seams can not have oil, dirt, HDPE Geomembrane lap Duan Mian should not with sediment and other sundry, when have clutter must be cleaned before welding.


3.The welding at the beginning of a day, must try welding at the scene of a 0.9 mm x 0.3 mm sample, lap width is not less than 15 cm, and the peel and shear test, tensile machine field sample after qualified, and available when the velocity, pressure, temperature is adjusted welding.Need to indicate the date, time, environment temperature on sample.Heat is woven in the welding process, welding machine at any time attention should be paid to the running situation of welding machine, according to the actual situation of the fine-tuning of the velocity and temperature.


4. The weld requirement neat, beautiful, can not have phenomena of welding, jump away.


5. When confronted by the length of the Geomembrane is not enough, need to joining together long, should the transverse weld first, and then weld longitudinal seam, the transverse weld is greater than 50 cm apart should T word, may not cross.


6. Adjacent Geomembrane welding seam should be staggered joints lap, film is formed between nodes, should be T word, as far as possible to reduce cross, longitudinal mode to weld extrusion welding strengthen intersection point application.


7. No pressure from death when welding Geomembrane, laying HDPE Geomembrane, according to local variations in temperature and HDPE Geomembrane performance requirements, set aside telescopic deformation caused by temperature change.


8. When the temperature of the portable welding machine control indicated by welding temperature below 200 ℃, with a clean cloth or cotton dust and welding, when necessary to burnish, hand brush try of avoid by all means.

9. When the joint condensation, moisture, sediment, etc, processing after welding.

10. Or seam moisture during rain, dew, or under the condition of big sand cannot be welded, except to take protective measures is.

11. The temperature is below 5 ℃, should not be construction in accordance with the specification requirements, if must construction, for welding machine preheating before welding processing.

12. Extrusion welding machine in welding process, should check the slider of the spear, should change in time when the slider with severe wear, so as not to damage the Geomembrane surface.

13. HDPE Geomembrane in the generator power supply voltage regulator should be used when welding the good performance, in special cases using local power, voltage regulator must be used.

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