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How to choose your appropriate Telescope?

1. The optical quality and lightweight appearance are often contradictory. If both are desired, the budget needs to be greatly increased.

2. Every size and type of telescope has its own environment that is perfect for it. No telescope is universal.

3. Roof prism telescope is the smallest size among the telescopes of the same size, but its optical quality is often inferior to that of porro prism telescope.

4. The price of the telescope depends on a lot of external factors, such as cost, profit, market strategy, etc., which has little to do with the multiple of the telescope.

5. The imaging effect of the telescope depends on many factors, and multiple is only one of them. It is not advisable to blindly pursue multiple.

6. Military telescopes are highly likely to be counterfeit, and standard ones are mostly black and expensive.

7. Do not buy binoculars with a large range of doubling. There are many problems such as small field of view, serious imaging distortion and easy optical axis migration.

8. It is important to know that the actual effect of a telescope with the same specifications and parameters can be very different, and the price can also be very different.

9. As far as possible, do not buy the red film telescope. It is only suitable for high-reflection environments like snow and ice.

10. There have never been any infrared night vision telescopes, but some specs like the 7X50 do well in low light environments, too!

11. The telescope should refer to third-party websites and evaluation experience articles as much as possible, which can reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the telescope to the greatest extent.

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